Marketing Tip #4: Convert Newbies and Reward Regulars

Reward Your Loyal Customers

We know that acquiring new customers is always on a business owner’s mind. But you should always take a little time to make your loyal customers feel extra special. Why? Because regulars are great at bringing you additional business and referrals -without breaking the bank! If you have Connected Commerce, you can easily send your loyal customers special offers, sneak previews or secret sales.

Get Started

Email remains inexpensive and easy to implement when it comes to maintaining contact with existing customers. That’s a key to remember – to be effective, email marketing should be used with folks you have already done business with or who have expressed an interest in your business. In the Connected Commerce platform, we give you the option of dividing your customer base into Loyalty customers or Coupon/Deal customers. This allows you to send the right offers to the right customers. For Loyalty customers, we recommend a small gift or a deeply discounted coupon. For coupon or deal customers, try something that will convert them into a loyalty customer. We recommend “Next Visit” offers such as free lip gloss with next purchase or $10 off their next purchase.

The 3-Click Email

After you have created offers for both coupon/deal and loyalty customers – it’s time to email them! Luckily, emailing your customers about new offers is as easy as 3 clicks of the mouse with CoCo. Just remember to make the coupon or deal title clear as this will be used as your email’s subject line. If you create a free gift for loyal customers, try “A Special Thank You Gift from (your business name)” as your offer title.
Marketing Tip 4 Featured Image
One Step Further

If you really want to push your fabulous new offer, just select the Post to social media button! From here you can push your offers out to your social media pages immediately or schedule them for later.

Track Your Results!

Once your offer is out for the world to see, find out which channel produced the best results. On the Connected Commerce Reporting page you can see what distribution channel worked best and how many offers were saved or purchased. Then use the information from this page to plan your next offer!


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