Mobile Commerce by the Numbers [Infographic]

If you own a tablet or smartphone, there’s a good chances you will use that device for your holiday shopping this season according to this new infographic from Connected Commerce, a mobile loyalty platform for small businesses.

The holiday shopping frenzy begins this weekend with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. But even though each day offers a different shopping experience of bustling malls, quite main streets or your couch – they will all be affected by  mobile commerce. In fact, 6 out of 7 smartphone owners already use their device while shopping. This includes searching local businesses,  discovering digital offers and everything in between. But interestingly, people are spending more overall via tablets than iPhones of Android Smartphones combined.


What does this mean for you as you shop this weekend? Well, take into consideration that 49% of mobile shoppers turn to their device to find digital offers. This means many merchants are scrambling to bring your attention to their mobile app or site by having the best offers out there. Merchants are pushing out a variety of promotions including percent off or cash back for just downloading an app or sharing it on social media. We recommend that you incorporate these digital deals into your shopping game plan this year.

If you are a small business owner, do not feel intimidated by the mobile commerce buzz, join in! There are a plethora of applications your business can utilize to let your mobile customers know about your promotions this Saturday. We recommend the Connected Commerce mobile loyalty platform for you. Within the system you can manage your loyalty program as well as create and distribute coupons or deals. The great part about this platform is that customers can keep your loyalty card on their mobile device through the application and see what rewards they can earn through visits or spend level. Another major benefit is that you, the merchant, are in control of your customer analytics. So after the Small Businesses Saturday rush, you can immediately start interacting with your new customers!

Mobile Commerce by the Numbers [Infographic]


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