Social Media Don’t #5: Think Likes = Sales

social media dont 5

We hear a lot of business owners say “I need more likes on Facebook!”

But when asked why, they never really have a solid answer. Somehow people started thinking that likes were validation that their Facebook page was so great, that it made customers want their products or services.  But really , Facebook is just another way to communicate with your existing customers when they aren’t at your store.

The main takeaway from this rant is that Facebook is for engaging and retaining your current customer base, not to acquire new ones. I have never seen a Facebook page about a restaurant and thought, “Even though I have never been to this restaurant, I will “Like” it and start eating here all the time”. If people are planning to go to a new restaurant, they will search it online from their phone, tablet or computer to figure the best place to go. They will not however, go on Facebook and try to find local places.

So why do businesses even have Facebook pages if it inst going to drive sales? Because it creates a community with your loyal ones!


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