Marketing Tip #3: KISS



“Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

Ah yes, this was one of my old professor’s favorite phrases throughout my college career. He seemed to think that a majority of people suffered from a chronic case over-thinking. While this was definitely true of the over achievers in my class, it was also true for the many business owners we worked with. We did countless marketing plans, business plans, implementation schedules and more for local businesses. And a common factor among all of them was that they were over analyzing their plans so much that they scared themselves out of taking any action.

To that I say KISS! This principle comes in handy for any stage of the marketing plan process. If you are spending hours just trying to come up with your target market, you need to remember this saying. (But seriously if you need help go here!)

Marketing Tip #1: Pick the Right Color

The phrase’s roots come from the 1960 Navy and was said to the engineers when they were over-thinking how to fix a break.  For business owners, this phrase is perfectly applicable – if you have a problem, step back, and don’t analyze it to death.

Below we gathered a few ways for you to achieve KISS:

  1. Step away from the problem
  2. Ask your mentor, partner or other experienced business person
  3. Look online for tips and ideas
  4. Write down EVERYTHING so you can come back and see what ideas are best
  5. Deconstruct the problem to find new solutions – We have a great story that embodies this strategy. One day an 18′ truck drove under a 16′ bridge and got stuck about 1/4 of the way through. Police officers, firemen and onlookers were all trying to think of ways to get it out. Lift the bridge? Blow up the truck? Well, the answer came from a little boy who said, “Why don’t you just let the air out of the tires?” And gosh darn it, it worked! Moral of the story, KISS!

There you go! The next time you feel overwhelmed by a problem that comes your way, remember, KISS!

<3 CoCo


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