The Oddest Place You Will Find Android Beats iOS

People often forget this important device when thinking of the mobile market. But the fact is that while smartphones are reaching a saturation point, tablets are in a period of extreme growth. We recently gave you some great tablet facts and forecasts in our previous post, The Tablet Takeover & You (A Love Story). That article gives a little bit of insight on where the market is going and how it effects both businesses and consumers.

Here we wanted to share with you the performance within the market. Since OS adoption seems to be a greater measure of customer retention than hardware sales, we created the graphic below to illustrate the market share leaders by operating system.
Top Tablets OS Graphic

OK, maybe it’s not that odd since Apple went down 14% in unit market share this quarter compared to last year’s. But it is definitely interesting when you consider that products like the iPad and iPad mini still maintain a #1 position in market share of hardware shipments with 33.4%.

Do you think Android could ultimately take out iOS? Let us know in the comments below!


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