The Facebook Page – You’re Doing It Wrong

It’s no secret that most business owners are jumping on the Facebook “band wagon”, if you will, to achieve brand equity and a score of other marketing goals. But what those seemingly savvy socialites are for the most part, going about social media the wrong way. First things first, the main function of a Facebook Page is CRM and keeping customers engaged/informed on your product. The infographic below is a great guide to Facebook specific marketing strategies.
Facebook Marketing Strategies

The most effective way to keep customers engaged in your page is to implement the tactics that complement your company best. For example, a cream cheese company should have a Recipe Contest in which fans upload a picture and instructions for their cream cheese culinary creations.  As a reward, the winner could then have their recipe featured on the product’s package the following month.

No matter what your business does, there IS a place for you on Facebook. But to get the most out of your page, it is crucial to reflect your core competency and personality through careful customization.


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