A Lighter, Happier Wallet

Getting a Grip...

Dear D,

You are brilliant and we are brilliant and  together we are freaking genius.

We’ve all had wallets overflowing with an abundance of gift, loyalty and reward cards from all of our favorite stores. We love the benefits they offer, but let’s face it. Finding the right card at the register is like bobbing for apples.

We admire your solution to keeping our cards neat and tidy on the key ring. BUT GUESS WHAT. We took on this problem from a techy perspective and have put all those cards…ON YOUR SMARTPHONE! Don’t have one? No prob, we have a card too that stores all the same information. We developed this app to store all of your gift cards, loyalty programs AND coupons/deals from local businesses. Talk about space saving!App in hand

We are starting our journey across the US in Washington, DC. But we know there are thousands of local communities who can benefit…

CHALLENGE: Tell us why your community, friends or family deserve Connected Commerce on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest – and your city could be next.


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